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Posted by RE/MAX Executive Realty on 6/9/2019

Getting about and experiencing the sights and sounds gets you out of the house and away from screen time for a while. You can find many low-cost and no-cost family-friendly experience in your area if you know where to look. Whether it is inside or outside activities you want you can find new and different ways of spending family time not the family fortune. With a little research, you can locate anything from hidden parks, museums, art lessons, story times and even live theater all at a nominal fee or free. 

Where do I Look?

Start your search online. Several sources keep track of specific areas. If you look at your community or chamber of commerce website, you'll likely find a list of local free events. When you are at your children's dentist or physician's waiting room look around for publications that list local children's services and activities. Your local library is a great resource. The library offers many free events and will have information about your area that you can use to discover places to visit. Donít be shy about calling around to places and asking about free introductory lessons. Always utilizes your friends and neighbors, ask them what they have enjoyed doing with their kids and what they would recommend. Local faith-based organizations may offer community events free of charge and fun for all ages, check online for event information and details. 

What is There to Do?

In addition to the library check into the areas park and recreation programs. Parks departments can direct you to family-friendly hiking trails or areas of local interest. These places could be a geographic feature you never noticed or sites of historical significance. Many regions offer through the school district, free lunch programs during the summer months. Utilizing the program is an excellent way for kids to grab free lunch and then play with friends they have missed, for free! Check with any museums for free or special discounted days or programs. If your area has a college campus, you can look at the calendar of events of all sorts and usually offered free of charge. The college campus can provide anything from sports to art exhibits to guest lectures for your older kids. Many malls these days host evenings with activities for all different ages and have indoor play areas for younger kids to play and meet new friends. 

If youíre new to the community, check with your realtor for any local points of interest or family-friendly hidden gems to enjoy.

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Posted by RE/MAX Executive Realty on 5/26/2019

As the sun continues to shine brighter than usual, everyone is certainly having that good jolly feeling that summer is almost here. While you might be planning on lying on the warm sand of the beaches near Boston snoozing to the soothing sounds of the waves, others are getting themselves ready to eat their delicious flavors of ice cream. 

Whatever you may be panning this summer, one thing that is common on every list of every Bostonian is the fun-filled festivals, and as summer comes with its longer days, these festivals are always favorites. Here are some of the top summer festivals for families to enjoy in Boston.

Topsfield Strawberry Festival
When: June 9th
Where: Topsfield

The first festival to get the summer groove going, this year will be the 51st annual version. Get ready for free bowls of fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and delicious shortcakes. Also, there will be a lot of kidsí games and live music for the whole day. 

Dragon Boat Festival
When: June 9th -10th
Where: Boston

This will be the Dragon Boat Festival's 40th year. This festival has all the thrills to get the family excited. You and your family will get to watch 50 teams race their well-crafted looking dragon boats on the Charles all weekend. However, you may need to wake up early to get a good viewing spot because this festival starts as early as 7 AM each day. There are also mouth-watering Asian foods and cultural displays to keep everyone entertained. If you would love to participate in the boat race, registration is currently open.

World Oceans Day Festival
When: June 10th
Where: Boston

This exciting event is a fun family festival that features a lot of activities like seafood cooking demonstrations, tastings and a lot of other outdoor activities. Also, families will even get the opportunity to interact with scientist and learn more about ocean animals.

Lowell Folk Festival
When: July 26th -28th
Where: Lowell

Enjoy music from Africa, Portugal, Ireland and many other nations across the globe. There is also a craft fair, dancing from local and international dance troops, a parade, and delicious local and foreign cuisines. In addition to the fun and lively music, there is a Family Activity Area with beautiful crafts and games the kids will enjoy. 

When: Not announced yet
Where: Somerville

Riverfest is one festival everyone anticipates every year. Live music, tons of children actives and five works, everyone is sure to have a splendid time. A blend of the best dance, music, and craft, this festival is only a glimpse of the beautiful treasure of art that Boston carries.So, these are some of the top festivals in Boston. From intriguing Asian culture to the best of art, brace yourself because there is so much to see and learn this summer. 

If you're new to the Boston area, your real estate agent can let you in on other local events where you can meet new friends and get to know your new home.

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Posted by RE/MAX Executive Realty on 4/21/2019

So, you figured out what your ideal home looks like. Now itís time to determine where this home is? Are you looking for a place in the same neighborhood you already live? Did you take a transfer or new jobs that are moving you to a new city? Determining the features, you seek in the area around your home is just as important as the home itself. Hereís how to create an ideal neighborhood checklist to go along with your dream home. 

Neighborhood/City Features

General location. 

Where to do you want to live? Do you prefer to be downtown or in an active city neighborhood among all the hustle and bustle? Are you ready to move out of the city and to a more suburban community with the kids? Is it your desire to be out in the country with lots of land and sky? Think about your ideal location and then work backward taking your current lifestyle and needs into account. You might want to live way out in the boonies, but you work in downtown five days a week. Are you comfortable adding a longer commute to your daily routine? Maybe adding a commute so you can enjoy your large property on the weekends is a priority. Or, you might consider finding a community with larger lot sizes and lots of greenery that gives you a feeling of privacy and country life while staying within a reasonable radius of your workplace. 


  • What does your ideal community look like? Do you even want to live in a close community? For families, a gated or private community might be perfect. These tend to come with added amenities like rec centers, shared pools, and picnic areas. On the other hand, you might be dying to raise a horse and want to move out to more acreage that gives you room to roam. Some people like the look of an eclectic community where each house is designed completely different and your block reflects the personality of each owner. Still, others like the more consistent style of a development where you select certain features, but there is an overall cohesiveness to the neighborhood.
  • What is it like to live in the community? If youíre an active, outdoorsy person, but you want to stay close to downtown, try looking for a neighborhood near greenbelts, parks, and other outdoor areas. If you desire for your kids to run around free out front without worry? Look for a community with similar families, a neighborhood watch program and a communal living style. Does your neighborhood need to have an easily accessible gym, library, lots of restaurants and nightlife or great built-in opportunities for networking? Do you want to keep your kids in the same school district, move to the best possible school for their interests and needs or enroll them in a new private school? These are all factors to consider when searching for your home. 

Take your ideal home and neighborhood checklists to your agent. Work with them to review your desires and budget to figure out the best compromises to have the best realistic outcome to your home search. Your local agent knows your area and can offer the best wisdom to help you check as many items off the list as possible.

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